Looking to the future

As we approach the end of a busy term, PGS pupils have been looking to the horizon. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have been off-timetable this week, to think about career options and the skills they will need in the word of work, from leadership to teamwork, creativity to adaptability, communication to inspiration. Using … Continued

Global Interviews

Every Summer Term, each of our Year 12 pupils benefits from a rigorous, 30-minute practice interview with PGS parents, OPs and other local professionals who kindly give up their time and share their expertise.   This year was no different – except it was very different indeed.   This week, all 123 interviews were conducted … Continued

When I’m 25

Last Friday the Sixth Form Centre hosted 50 career professionals representing sectors ranging from science and engineering to finance, computing, design, the armed forces, music, languages, technology and law. Over 500 pupils from Years 10-13 seized the opportunity to discuss career pathways in depth and detail. Thank you to the OPs, parents and others who … Continued

Beyond PGS

Representatives from over 40 universities filled the Sixth Form Centre last week to hand out advice on courses and applications to pupils from Years 10 – 13.  At the beginning of the evening, Year 12 pupils packed the DRT for a presentation on the UCAS process and there was the opportunity for those interested in … Continued