Music Week is Here!

It is a week of musical celebration in the Junior School this week! Year 3 and Year 6 pupils have started the week with Indian Drumming.  There will also be instrumental workshops, the very popular Strawberries and Cream Concert by the Junior School Choirs and a Musical Celebration Assembly in St Thomas’ Cathedral.

Measuring Athletic Ability

A Challenging PGS Extend Project Fully grasping the opportunity to use her extended project as a stepping stone to university, Alex Jarrold, Year 13, asked if she could work with the Junior School Sports Department and use Junior School pupils to help facilitate her research. Alex’s project was designed to see if an easily measurable … Continued

Sailing Inspiration

The Junior School Hall was full of excited chatter as Year 4 waited in anticipation of meeting Freddie Carr, one of Ben Ainslie’s team of sailors working to bring the America’s Cup back to Great Britain in 2017. Freddie’s visit was the culmination of Year 4’s Independent Learning Programme. The three-week programme included the sailing … Continued