Celebrating PGS Pride

Since 2013 when PGS Pride was set up, diversity and inclusion has taken centre stage at PGS. Over the years, we have sought to celebrate difference of all kinds including gender, sexuality, religion, race and body/ neurodiversity.    2015 saw Portsmouth’s first ever Pride Parade and we were delighted to lead the parade under the PGS banner. Pupils, staff … Continued

Race Takeover

Last Friday over 100 pupils gathered in the Science Lecture Theatre at lunchtime to hear details of the ‘Race Takeover’ of PGS Pride and Portsmouth Point. Mrs Morgan shared her concerns about casual racism and increased hate crimes in the UK and called upon the pupils to join her in creating a movement for positive … Continued

Marching With Pride

The sun was shining as pupils, parents and staff marched together in the Portsmouth Pride parade last Saturday. Thousands of people gathered for live music, drag shows and cabaret at the after party on Castle Field. Thank you to everyone that came along to show their support.

Big Bear at PGS

Today we have been thrilled to welcome ‘Big Bear’ Chris McNaghten to PGS. Chris is a strong man, trainer and motivational speaker. As a gay man, he seeks to challenge stereotypes and improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.  Today he has been speaking with pupils in Year 9 as well as being … Continued