Water Day

Water treatment is an important section of the GCSE specification and this week Year 9 pupils were incredibly lucky to receive some expect tuition from PGS parent Mr Harry Mouquet, one of the Group Engineers at Biwater International. In 30 minutes Year 9 were whisked effortlessly across the globe from Ethiopia and the Sudan to … Continued

Scientific Discoveries on the Mary Rose

As part of Enrichment Week Year 8 were taken back in time to nearly 500 years ago to investigate the stories of the artefacts and men that resided on board the Mary Rose, one of Henry VIII’s English naval warships. The Mary Rose sank during battle with the French in 1545 where of the hundreds … Continued

Looking at moving on up

In the last couple of weeks of this term Year 5 and 6 have had the pleasure of working in the Senior School Science labs with Mrs Lyon, the Physics and Chemistry teacher. It was a great opportunity for the children to work in a new environment and to see the Senior School in action. … Continued

Exploring Habitats

Year 1 have been learning about habitats and microhabitats. Using books they have been identifying which animals live in the different habitats and working together to discuss if some creatures could be found in more than one type of habitat.  They have then looked at different sources of water, putting a sprinkle of salt in their water bottles and taking … Continued