National Writing Day Challenge

Pupils in Year 8 took part in National Writing Day this week. They were tasked with writing a story in 24 words starting with the words ‘One day ….’ Stories ranged from dystopian visions of the future to tantalising tales of untold things emerging from uncut lawns! Read on to be inspired by creative genius and … Continued

Scientific Discoveries on the Mary Rose

As part of Enrichment Week Year 8 were taken back in time to nearly 500 years ago to investigate the stories of the artefacts and men that resided on board the Mary Rose, one of Henry VIII’s English naval warships. The Mary Rose sank during battle with the French in 1545 where of the hundreds … Continued

Computational Thinking

Talented Year 8 pupil, William Todd, was invited to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford on Saturday 16th February as a finalist in a UK-wide competition – The UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge. Reaching the final of the Intermediate age group is an impressive achievement, as 101,342 students entered the first … Continued