“A group of young people have mysteriously disappeared and the police can’t find them anywhere. Before vanishing, few of them had known each other, but they’d met online, brought together by their shared disillusionment with society; with the negatives of Capitalism, with a culture failing to engage with the causes or impact of climate change. Unbeknown to the authorities, or even their families, they have relocated to an isolated platform out in the sea. Their plan: to conceive a whole new and better way of creating a society. They call themselves The Community – a new type of society and a better way of living. But how can you change the world if you’ve taken yourself out of it?”

Having spent the term working passionately on this play the Year 9 and 10 cast of This Changes Everything put their hearts in to the one off performance of the production after the live performances had to be cancelled.

Congratulations to everyone involved for their passion and commitment to make the production come together – it has been filmed and will be shared with the school community at a later date.