Following the ‘Through the Arch’ Year 6 Event with the author Sita Brahmachari in April this year, Year 7 pupils have been enjoying the fantastic installation of their creative work during library lessons over the past few weeks.

Pupils were asked in Year 6 to write letters to their future Year 7 selves. In the letters, pupils wrote messages of support, advice and reflection to encourage them through their new experience of being in the senior school. Pupils enjoyed reading what their former Year 6 selves had to say and giggled at some of their misconceptions of what senior school would be like. Many pupils were touched by their reflections and were able to reflect on the significant development that has just occurred in their lives (and their families!).

It was a wonderful experience watching pupils eagerly search for their letters on the installation, rip open the envelope and read a letter that they had carefully constructed just months before.

We hope that the Year 7s have had a wonderful start to the term and are enjoying the exciting explorations of Identity, Culture and Community in their English and Library lessons