Kikaaya College School pupils

With everyone very much focussed on the impact we have on the world with plastic bottles, styrofoam containers and the untold amount of rubbish populating our waterways, parks and beaches, the #TrashTag Challenge has been born on social media as a way to energise people to make a difference. PGS took part in this with our partner school, Kikaaya College School in Uganda – as global citizens, passionate about the environment and its sustainability, both schools took to their local area to make a difference by clearing it of litter. At PGS, Eco-Club and PUG worked together to transform a local car park, and at KCS, the whole of Senior 1 (145 pupils) took to the main street in Kikaaya with wheelbarrows, spades and a truck to clear it of litter, much to the delight of the local community. Both schools thoroughly enjoyed the experience, benefiting from the teamwork, and encouraged by knowing their ‘Partners in Learning’ were working hard for the greater good too.

PGS Pupils

All things Uganda were discussed at our inaugural Uganda Network Meeting bringing together charities and community projects to share ideas and collaborations. We even had a video-conferencing link to the Head of our partner school, Kikaaya College School, so that he could contribute and to Coby Schoffman at the Nation Foundation in New York.