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by Patrick H, 4S

On Friday the 8th of February Year 4 went to the Hindu temple. We went there to learn about Hindu culture because we were studying Hinduism in Religious Studies.

I was quite excited about the trip as I enjoy learning about different cultures. When we arrived at the temple we had to take off our shoes to keep the temple clean. Once we took off our shoes we went inside the temple and were given clipboards, worksheets and pencils. We were given 25 minutes to do the worksheet. The questions made us look around the temple to find the answers.

Then the Pujari (Hindu priest) did a ceremony. After that we had some more time to finish the worksheets off. Then we came back to the carpet and the Pujari explained about Hindu culture which included things such as the Trimurti Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The Trimurti are the three most powerful gods in Hindu religion. We also learnt about other Gods such as Ganesh and Yama. Yama is similar to the Greek God Hades because Hades is the God of the underworld and Yama is the God of death.

After the talk we went into another room to have our snack.  Then we went out to get our shoes and coats and got back onto the bus.

I enjoyed the trip and I think that it helped me learn and understand more about Hindu culture. Before the trip the only religious places I had been to were churches and cathedrals. I thought the Hindu temple was very different to a church because it wasn’t made out of stone and there weren’t any stained glass windows. When I was there I learnt about lots more Gods and Goddesses such as the God and Goddess of Love.