The ‘We Will Remember Them’ lecture at The Portsmouth Grammar School this Friday is likely to be one of the most poignant as it reflects on the impact the First World War had on Public Schools. 

One hundred years ago this November, the First World War was just three months old, almost one thousand former PGS pupils were known to be serving by 1916 in every armed service.  Of the five teachers who served, two did not return.  Four sets of brothers were among the dead.  Five men were killed at the Battle of Jutland on five different ships.  During the course of the war 131 former pupils and members of staff lost their lives. 

So the school are delighted this year to warmly welcome Sir Anthony Seldon as the guest speaker for the ‘We Will Remember Them’ lecture.  Sir Anthony Seldon is a political historian and commentator on British political leadership as well as on education and contemporary Britain. He is also Master (headmaster) of Wellington College, one of the country’s most famous and historic independent schools.

Sir Anthony Seldon, along with David Walsh, examined the impact which the Great War had on the Public Schools and the sacrificial contribution made to the victory which came in 1918 in their book ‘Public Schools and the Great War’.  Having visited The Portsmouth Grammar School as part of his research for the book the evening promises to be both educational and poignant. 

The ‘We Will Remember Them’ lecture is on Friday 7 November at 19:30. 
Tickets are available for the evening by clicking here.