On Monday 5 September, we welcomed the new Year 7 pupils and their parents, with our annual Cathedral service.  This event marked the start of pupils’ time in the senior school and offered them and their parents an excellent opportunity to reflect on the future and their time to come as members of our school community.  This was very much the beginning of what will grow to become an essential relationship between the school, the pupil and their parents, and offered each family the chance to meet pastoral staff who will be supporting and nurturing each individual pupil.  The Headmaster addressed the audience with a thought provoking speech, whilst donning his Mongolian hat, and encouraging everyone to consider the journey they have just commenced, commenting that it is the journey that enriches us, and not necessarily the destination.  Our new Chaplain then strengthened this message of enrichment by asking our students to consider the rock they collected from our Prefects at the start of the evening, and how over time, they too will be moulded by the many experiences they will undertake in their time to come as pupils at the school.  

‘Getting to Know You’ Day

All pupils then had the opportunity to get to know each other better on Friday 16th September, with a day at Hilsea where they were all involved in a range of exciting activities.  That evening, parents then had a further opportunity to hear from the Headmaster, as well as the Head of Middle School, Mrs Jackson, at the Year 7 Parents’ Reception Evening.  Parents were able to meet with their child’s Tutor and discuss their experiences over the first two weeks.  

Freshers Fayre

We are thrilled that our Year 7 pupils have settled superbly and following the Freshers Fayre, many of them are already beginning to enrich their day to day routine with a plethora of activities, very much following the advice delivered in the Cathedral on the first day of term.  Congratulations to all of our Year 7 pupils for such a successful and energetic start.