Congratulations to all performers in the House Music competition. The level of solo performance was outstanding and adjudicator, Iain Carnegie (Director of Music at Reeds School, Cobham) was hugely impressed at the musicianship on display. The houses were at their most inventive in the large and small ensembles. Latter & Eastwood House’s large ensemble offered maximum entertainment value, featuring Mr Doyle resplendent in his own large ensemble of canary yellow tails and maracas in a performance of Amarillo. It was Grant & Barton’s performance of Feel it Still, however, with its slick choreography and classy vocal blend that netted the Large Ensemble first place. Whitcombe and Summers winning small ensemble performance of How Far I’ll Go helped them achieve the ultimate prize of overall winners of this year’s competition. Thank you to all involved in creating a fun, entertaining and enjoyable evening.

Whitcombe & Summers – 1st
Grant & Barton – 2nd
Smith & Hawkey – 3rd
Latter & Eastwood – 4th