At Portsmouth Grammar School, our Board of Governors plays a pivotal role in guiding the strategic direction of the institution, embodying our core values of commitment, curiosity, collaboration, courage, compassion, and creativity. 

Our Governors are committed individuals who dedicate their time and expertise to uphold the highest standards of governance and ensure the continued success of our school.  

Driven by curiosity and a passion for learning, our Governors approach their roles with an open mind. They seek out new ideas and perspectives, driving innovation in all aspects of school governance. 

Collaboration lies at the heart of our governance structure, with our Governors working closely with school leadership, staff, students, parents, and the wider community to shape the future of Portsmouth Grammar School. Through collaborative decision-making and transparent communication, they foster a culture of inclusivity and shared ownership, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. 

Courage is a hallmark of our Governors' leadership, as they fearlessly tackle challenges and make tough decisions in the best interests of the school and its community. Their willingness to confront difficult issues head-on and embrace change enables us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape. 

Compassion guides our Governors' interactions and informs their decision-making process, as they prioritize the well-being and happiness of every member of our school community. Their empathetic approach to governance fosters a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and supported. 

Finally, creativity infuses every aspect of our governance, as our Governors seek innovative solutions to complex problems and inspire imaginative thinking among students, staff, and fellow Governors alike. Their creative approach to governance ensures that Portsmouth Grammar School remains at the forefront of educational excellence, constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students and prepare them for success in the world beyond our gates. 


If you wish to contact the Chairman of Governors, please do so via the Clerk to the Governors, Mr John Read at [email protected] or by calling him on 023 9236 4205.


Clerk to the Governors
The Portsmouth Grammar School
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