Working in purposeful partnership with our wider communities we broaden horizons and nurture a cosmopolitan outlook.

Located at the heart of Portsmouth and founded to serve the city, we are committed to working in purposeful partnership with a variety of partners across the city and local area, indeed, around the world. Through offering our pupils opportunities to engage actively with their wider communities, we help them to understand the value of making a positive contribution to the world around them, and we equip them with the skills and the qualities of leadership to do so. Pupils leave PGS with a strong understanding of what it means to be a responsible member of, a global community and our many partnerships are central to our pupils’ development in so many ways: this is about preparing pupils for life at 25.

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Community, Action, Workplace Sixth Form Programme

As part of the Sixth Form enrichment curriculum, Year 12 pupils take part in our Community, Action, Workplace programme, spending one afternoon each week engaging directly with our wider communities. Pupils are able to select a contribution which resonates with them, while developing a powerful range of skills for the world beyond school.

Ports Fest 

An annual celebration of culture and the arts, offering world class cultural events at PGS and across Portsmouth, Ports Fest was founded by PGS more than 20 years ago. Working in close collaboration with the city’s leading cultural institutions, the festival offers young people across Portsmouth the opportunity to get involved in a broad programme of cultural activities.

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Gifted and Talented Summer School

Initiated in 2019 and led by PGS staff, our Gifted & Talented Summer School offers Year 5 pupils from schools in Portsmouth the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting and challenging educational activities alongside curious and creative young people from other schools. If you are interested in your school participating, contact Mrs Julie Jackson, Assistant Head (Middle School and Partnerships) via [email protected].

Partnership Events

PGS runs a busy programme of partnership events with organisations throughout the city including schools, charities and care homes. Each year, hundreds of local children are involved in our programme of partnership events, from science and music workshops through to support for aspirant medics applying for higher education courses. To learn more about the programme of activities, contact Mrs Julie Jackson, Assistant Head (Middle School and Partnerships) at [email protected].

Community Action

There are opportunities for our pupils throughout the school to be involved in a variety of activities to support organisations in the local community and beyond. Guided by the interests of our pupils there are regular fundraising initiatives and opportunities for social outreach.

Shaping Portsmouth

PGS is proud to be a Patron of Shaping Portsmouth and to contribute to this exciting city-wide initiative dedicated to the future of Portsmouth, bringing together business, education, and the community.

International School Partnerships

PGS has active cultural and educational partnerships with a wide network of schools across the globe, including Kikaaya College School, Uganda; Chai Thom School, Cambodia; Marianistas, Spain; and Öckerö Gymnasieskola, Sweden.