Keep in Touch

At Portsmouth Grammar School, our commitment to fostering lifelong connections among our alumni is as strong as ever. Through PGS Connect, we provide a hub for Old Portmuthians (OPs) to stay connected with the school and with each other, embodying our core values of collaboration, curiosity, courage, creativity, compassion, and commitment. 

PGS Connect serves as a virtual meeting place where OPs can reconnect with old friends, track down classmates from their time at school, and forge new connections within their respective industries or fields of interest. Whether you're looking to catch up with a former classmate or expand your professional network, PGS Connect offers the tools to make it happen. 

One of the highlights of PGS Connect is its mentoring support feature, where alumni can both request and provide mentorship opportunities. This reflects our belief in the power of collaboration and the importance of giving back to our community. Through mentorship, OPs can share their knowledge and experiences, offering guidance and support to fellow alumni as they navigate their careers and personal endeavours. 

Additionally, PGS Connect allows the creation of special interest groups or clubs. From book clubs to sports teams, these groups provide opportunities for alumni to engage in meaningful interactions beyond their school days. 

Furthermore, PGS Connect serves as a platform for OPs to showcase their professional achievements and interests by uploading their own online profiles. This encourages a culture of curiosity and celebrates the diverse talents and accomplishments of our alumni community. 

By registering for reunions and other events through PGS Connect, OPs can stay informed about opportunities to reconnect with their peers and stay up to date with the latest developments at the school. Whether it's attending a class reunion or participating in alumni networking events, PGS Connect keeps our alumni engaged and connected to the PGS community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and commitment that defines our school.