Welcome to Senior School

The Portsmouth Grammar Senior School offers girls and boys aged 11-16 outstanding academic, pastoral and co-curricular opportunities.

Our pupils flourish in a supportive and caring environment, achieving excellent results at GCSE. Pupils are enthusiastic and committed learners. They enjoy supporting others in their learning, using information and communication technology to enhance their understanding.

The Senior School is made up of two distinct areas: The Middle School comprising of Years 7 and 8 and the Upper School comprising of Years 9 – 11.  Each stage has a unique atmosphere, acting as a school within a school and building strong foundations to move on to the Sixth Form.

Photo of two students with bunsen burner in chemistry lab, science class

I have never felt so inspired by what I was learning, nor by those teaching it to me, whose boundless enthusiasm rubbed off on me. This undoubtedly excited me about my future, both academically and professionally.

PGS, Old Portmuthian

Middle School – Years 7 and 8

The Middle School provides the ideal introduction to life in the Senior School. Middle School pupils study the most varied curriculum of any years in the Senior School. One of the unique subjects studied in Year 7 is the Portsmouth Curriculum; pupils are taught seven strands throughout the year which explore a varied range of topics with a particular local emphasis.

We like to think about where our pupils will be when they are 25 and Year 11 is an excellent opportunity to explore their aspirations.

Upper School – Years 9 to 11

Year 9 marks the beginning of a new and exciting stage in a pupil’s school career. New opportunities are opened to pupils including a wide programme of co-curricular activities on Mondays after school and there are also opportunities for responsibility such as the chance to sit on one of the Pupil Councils.

In Year 10, pupils embark upon their GCSE and IGCSE courses and all that that offers in terms of challenge and excitement. There are further chances to expand their co-curricular activities, including the Duke of Edinburgh programme which begins with the Bronze Award in Year 10. Towards the end of Year 10 and through the course of Year 11 pupils begin to look ahead in terms of career and Sixth Form studies. A comprehensive programme of advice, presentations and interviews, including a one-to-one interview with the Head for each pupil, is offered via tutors, Year teams and Senior Teachers in conjunction with the Careers department.

Senior Academic Curriculum