Academic Life at PGS

As a through school educating pupils from 2 1/2 to 18 years on a single site, we have an unparalleled ability to offer continuity of educational excellence. We are a family community united by our culture of aspiration and engagement.

PGS is like a mountain path, you will travel higher than you ever imagined but to reach the peak you must tread your own path too.

PGS Pupil

A Culture of Lifelong Learning

At PGS, we want every pupil to be happy and successful, above all, we want them to lead a fulfilled, purposeful, and enriching life when they eventually embark on the adventures that lie beyond school – whatever direction they choose to take. We focus on life at 25, and our curriculum has been designed to help our pupils thrive throughout school, in higher education and beyond, whatever pathway they take.

Teaching at PGS promotes true joy in learning through developing independence and collaboration, adaptability and self-awareness in all our pupils. The opportunities experienced by our pupils, both during lessons and through our extensive co-curricular programme, nurture curious, compassionate, forward-thinking and determined young people, encouraging them to discover their own intellectual passions. As experts in their fields, our staff bring a wealth of academic expertise to our classrooms and ignite pupil’s love of learning in a dynamic classroom environment.