Create your PGS Experience

Click above and select from a range of areas across the school, from Pre-School to Sixth Form, performing arts, sport and much more to create your bespoke online PGS prospectus. You will be able to access the experience you create immediately and we will also email you the link so that you can watch the various films and read the content at a time convenient for you and your family.

How to create

Begin by picking seven areas of interest, from the following:

  • Art & Design at PGS
  • Co-Curricular Opportunities for All 
  • Exam Results & Definitions 
  • Hear from our Pupils 
  • International Admissions 
  • Key Information 
  • Performing Arts at PGS 
  • PGS Pre-School 
  • PGS Sixth Form 
  • Sixth Form Enrichment 
  • Sport at PGS 
  • Studying in Portsmouth 
  • Teaching & Learning - Senior & Sixth Form 
  • The Junior School 
  • University & Career Support 
  • Visit PGS 

You will then be asked for the details of the parent and the student. This will include their name, your name, a contact number and email address.