Diversity & Inclusion

A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is one of the cornerstones of The Portsmouth Grammar School's ethos.

As one of the first schools in the UK to set up a pride society, we have created a school culture which unambiguously celebrates difference. At PGS, we want individuals to be happy being their true, authentic selves.

I am very proud to be a part of the D&I team and the work that we have done so far such as delivering anti-racism training to school staff and students and releasing a webinar on this for local schools to access.

Year 12 pupil

The Portsmouth Grammar School seeks to promote equality of opportunity, provision, access, and treatment for all members of our community. We do not seek to tolerate difference but to celebrate it through challenging all forms of prejudice, encouraging active commitment to equality, and promoting critical thinking.

Pupils have the opportunity to contribute to our progress on equality by attending the co-curricular PGS Diversity and Inclusion society, contributing to the school blog, joining working groups and leading peer-to-peer training.

As a school, we understand that our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing journey. We are still listening, learning, and improving all the time and remain committed to this as a whole school community.