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The Portsmouth Grammar School was founded in 1732 by Dr William Smith, Physician and Mayor of Portsmouth, who was determined that, like him, the young people of Portsmouth should have access to a transformative education, and flourish through spirit, vision, and learning.


Nearly 300 years on, we remain true to a founder’s vision today: a forward-looking school located in the historic heart of Portsmouth.

I believe The Portsmouth Grammar School is a very special place. The bedrock of everything we do is underlined by academic excellence. Every year our pupils go on to study at Oxbridge, others move on to other top universities. Many move on to degree apprenticeships with prestigious companies such as Ernst & Young and PwC. Academic excellence runs through the school, for example each year we compete in national academic competitions, such as the Maths Olympiad where our pupils perform exceptionally well.

Another integral part of life at PGS is our co-curricular activities. Whether you are passionate about sport, music, theatre, or something else, there is a space for you to explore this at PGS. If something you love is not already a club here, then pupils are encouraged to organise one. Just recently a group of Year 10s began an Entrepreneurship Society.  

Our alumni are known as Old Portmuthians. Our OPs (Old Portmuthians) have achieved excellence in many fields, from competing in the Olympics to appearing on the stage and screen. These alumni often credit their success after PGS to the co-curriculum activities that they took part in during their time at PGS. At our last ‘Life at 25’ reunion, 110 out of 120 pupils returned to the school – this gave our 25-year old alumni the chance to return to PGS, to meet their old teachers and friends and offer advice on how we can care for our current crop of pupils. 

Everything we do at PGS is underpinned by pastoral care. In our school, every student is cared for as an individual, encouraged to flourish and explore in a safe environment. I often think of our pupils as living stones – each one is unique, but together they are stronger, we are stronger.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Mr David Wickes