International Students

Each year, we accept international applicants to live with a host family on a homestay arrangement whilst studying A-Levels at PGS.

The Portsmouth Grammar School is delighted to welcome pupils from all over the world to our dynamic Sixth Form community.

The Sixth Form experience is rightly described as the best that education has to offer. A greater freedom, combined with the studying of subjects that you genuinely enjoy, in smaller classes and with more adult relationships with teachers and tutors all make for an exceptionally fulfilling and hugely rewarding time. To have the opportunity to do all this at a place as lively and as aspirational as PGS is to make that experience unforgettable.

Our international pupils become part of the everyday life of the school and are able to take full advantage of the exceptional academic and co-curricular opportunities that we offer.

As The Portsmouth Grammar School does not offer boarding accommodation, pupils joining us in Year 12 from abroad live with local British host families. This gives our international pupils the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in English culture and to truly learn the language.The homestay scheme has been very successful and popular with our international pupils who enjoy the support it gives along with the independence of studying abroad.The happiness, welfare and safety of our international pupils is at our core. We work closely with a well-established homestay management company who operate our homestay scheme and act as guardians for our international pupils.