The role of our academic staff is to ignite curiosity, imagination and a passion for learning in all our pupils.  The breadth of the curriculum at the school is supported by a cast of teachers that are always keen to share pupils’ interests and to promote their learning and welfare.  The full teaching staff at the school are listed below.

Head Dr A K Cotton, BA, MSt, DPhil, MA(ed)  (AKC)
Bursar Mr S R Merriam, BSc, CDir, FIoD  (SRM)

Senior School & Sixth Form

Head Dr A K Cotton, BA, MSt, DPhil, MA(ed)  (AKC)
Senior Deputy Head Mr D M L Payne, MA
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr B C T Goad, BSc 
Deputy Head (Teaching and Education Development) Mr H R Wiggins, MA
Deputy Head (External Relations) Mr C J Hamlet, MA 
Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form) Mr L F Rees, BA 
Assistant Head (Head of Middle School) Mrs J Jackson, BSc 
Assistant Head (Head of Upper School) Miss F E A Bush, BA


Mr J M I Addyman, BSc (Mathematics, KS3 Mathematics Co-ordinator)
Mr D P Ager, BSc, MSc (Mathematics, Timetabler)
Mr L A Ansell, BSc, MA (Design and Technology)
Mrs L C Ashdown, MA (Mathematics, Second in Department, Interim Head of Mathematics)
Mr J D Baker, BSc† (Mathematics)
Miss G P K Basra, BSc, MSc (Psychology)
Mrs E E Bell, BA (English, KS3 Co-ordinator)
Ms A E Bolton, BA, MA† (Classics)
Mr G Brown, FLCM, LLCM (TD), ALCM brass (Head of Brass)
Miss L V Burden, BA, MA (Head of English)
Mr J E Burkinshaw, BA* (English, Head of Careers and Universities)
Mrs S A Burkinshaw, BA (English, KS4 Co-ordinator)
Miss L J Burton, MA (Geography and Geology)
Ms A S Casillas-Cross, BA, MA (History, Head of Year 9, CAS Co-ordinator)
Miss A J Chaplin, BA (Head of Athletics, Head of Latter House)
Miss E F Chilcott, BSc (Biology)
Mrs K E Clark, BSc, MSc† (Biology and Chemistry)
Miss I M Clark, BA (Head of Netball)
Mrs A M L Clarke, MA, MA Ed, DipM (Classics)
Mrs R H Clay, BA (History, Head of Year 12)
Mr J A Cotton BA, MA† (Music)
Mrs S S Coughlan, BSc (Chemistry, Co-ordinator of Physical Science (Maternity Cover))
Mrs A Cross, BTh, MA (Philosophy and Religious Studies, Deputy Head of Careers and Universities)
Ms D J Curteis, MAEd FDE SNE(LD) APC SpLD AMBDA (Learning Support)
Mr S J Curwood, BEd (Head of Cricket, Head of Rounders)
Mr S J Dean, BEd (Mathematics)
Mr S G Disley, BSc† (Physics)
Mr D T Doyle, BA* (Modern Languages, Surmaster)
Mrs M G Dray, BA, HDipEd (Learning Support)
Mrs L C Erricker, BA† (History and Politics,)
Mrs M Fake, BSc (Head of Physics)
Mrs V J Farrar, BA† (Business, Computing)
Mr P R Fisher, BA† (Economics and Business)
Miss M C Flack, BA (Head of Design and Technology)
Ms R H Fry, BEd (Learning Support)
Mr P M Gamble, BA (Head of French)
Mr W P Gammon, BA (PE and Games, Assistant Head of Hockey, Co-ordinator of House Sport)
Mrs H Garcia, MSc† (Geography)
Mr J R C Gillies, BSc (Mathematics, Silver DofE Co-ordinator, Head of Grant House)
Mrs K I Greenslade, BSc† (PE and Games)
Mr S Gunga BA, MMus, ARCO† (School Organist)
Mrs E H Haigh (Design and Technology)
Miss P A Hardisty, BSc, MA (Biology, Co-ordinator of Pupil Councils)
Mr S J Harris, MA* (Chemistry, Director of Outdoors Education)
Ms B C Hart, MA (English, JS-SS Liaison Co-ordinator)
Mr S D Hawkswell, BA (Head of Tennis, Head of Barton House)
Miss S Heath, BMus† (Head of Academic Music)
Mr G R J Hemmings, MA (Director of Music)
Mr J K Herbert, BSc (Physics)
Dr M R Howson, BSc, PhD, CChem, MRSC (Head of Chemistry, Head of Science)
Revd S C Hunt, BA (Philosophy and Religious Studies, School Chaplain)
Mrs J Ingamells, ARCM (Head of Strings)
Miss K A Jones, BA (History, Bronze DofE Co-ordinator (Maternity Cover))
Miss K Kingsley GRSM, LRAM† (Music)
Mrs T A Knott, BSc, MSc † (Geography and Geology)
Mrs E M Kirby, MA† (English)
Mrs P I Langtry, BA (Modern Languages)
Mr A D Leach, BSc (Head of Hockey)
Mr D D Lee, BSc (Mathematics and Computing)
Mrs K Leighton-Smith, BA† (Economics and Business, Head of Hawkey House)
Mr S Lemieux, MA* (Head of History and Politics, HoD Mentor)
Mrs F E Lyon, MChem, MA(Physics, Co-ordinator of Physical Science, Bronze DofE Co-ordinator)
Mr D J E Lyons, BA, MSc† (Head of Rugby)
Mr L McAll, BSc (Biology)
Mr S A McLean, BSc (Physics)
Mr T A MacFarlane, BSc (Mathematics)
Miss C A Martin, BA (Drama, Head of Summers House)
Mr A S Milford, BA (History and Politics, Second in Department, Head of Whitcombe House)
Mrs J L K Morgan, BA* (Philosophy and Religious Studies, Head of Pupil Wellbeing)
Mr J H Murphy, BA (Head of German)
Mr M G D Murray, MA (Head of Classics)
Ms F J Nicholson, BSc, MPH† (Geography, Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Mr J J O’Meara, BA (Modern Languages)
Dr P A O’Neil, BSc, PhD (Chemistry)
Mr S Page, BA† (Modern Languages)
Mrs S Paterson, BA† (Modern Languages)
Mr R A Peebles, BA (Head of Art)
Miss R Poole, MA, MSc (Head of Biology)
Mr A W Powell, BA (Mathematics)
Mrs S R Pye, BSc, MSc (Head of Psychology, Co-ordinator of Aspirant Medics)
Mrs K C Rees, BSc† (Design and Technology, Art)
Mr M P Richardson, BA, MA (English)
Dr R J I Richmond, MA, PhD* (Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Mr J F Robinson, LLB (Director of Drama)
Mrs S H Robinson, MA (English, Head of Enrichment)
Mr D P Rogers, BSc† (Biology)
Mrs A V Russell, BSc (Chemistry, Co-ordinator of Internal Examinations)
Mr G J Ryan, BSc (Biology, Head of Year 10)
Mrs H E Sands, BSc (Geography and Geology)
Mr A J Seddon, BSc (PE and Games, Head of Smith House)
Mrs E E Seddon, BSc (PE and Games, Head of Eastwood House)
Dr P Shahov, PhD, PgD, BMus† (Assistant Director of Music)
Mrs C D E Smith, BSc (Head of Learning Support, Chemistry)
Ms L A M Smith, BA (Philosophy and Religious Studies, Head of Year 8)
Dr M J Smith, MChem, DPhil (Chemistry, Second in Department)
Mrs S Smith, BSc, MA† (Mathematics, Deputy Head of Examinations)
Mr T Spreafico, BA (Economics and Business)
Mr H C Stayte, BA (Head of Digital Learning)
Mr R E Stewart BSc (Director of Sport)
Miss S L Stewart, BSc (Head of Geography and Geology, Co-ordinator of ITT)
Mr O G Stone, BA* (Head of Modern Languages)
Miss L Szmid, BA (Drama)
Mr S C Taylor, MA* (Classics, Director of IB)
Miss J A Templeman, BA (Director in Residence)
Miss K G Thomas, MA† (Mathematics, Interim Second in Department)
Dr N Thomas, BSc, PhD† (Biology)
Mrs R J Thomas-Snell, BA† (English, Literacy Lead)
Mr G T de Trafford, BA, MA (Physics, Head of Year 13)
Mrs S Tredwell, MA† (Modern Languages)
Mrs J L Tweddle, BSc (Head of Physical Education)
Mrs J M H Tyldesley, BSc† (Biology)
Mr V Valera-Ramiro, BA (Modern Languages)
Miss A-M Wennike, BA (Design and Technology, Co-ordinator of Food Preparation and Nutrition)
Mrs D J Willcocks, BA, AKC† (Modern Languages)
Mrs L A Williams, BA (Art)
Mr I C Wilson, MA† (Mathematics)
Mrs M J Worley, BA, MSc (Head of Economics and Business)

Modern Languages Assistants: Mme. E Doize†, Mrs M Chapero†, BA, Herr M Muller†, Mrs M Ciraldo†

* denotes Senior Teacher   † denotes part-time

Cathedral Organist and Master of the Choristers
Dr D J C Price, HonDMus, GMus(TCL), FGCM, Hon FASC

GAP Year Assistants
Mr J Fisher, Mr J Goeldner-Thompson, Mr S Jones, Mr K Jozwik, Mr C Knight, Mr T Law, Mr B Rutt-Howard

Technical Support Staff

Science Technicians
Mrs J Corke †, Miss E Ginn, BSc, Dr L Gray, PhD, Mr I Lowther BSc, Miss Z Munday MSc, Mrs C Rollins, Mrs M Smith BSc, Mrs F Truluck-Crocker, BSc †

Theatre Technician
Mr L Tench, BA

Languages Technician
Mr M Oliver

Art Technicians
Mr N Llewellyn-Thomas, Mr S Whitcomb

Design & Technology
Mr D J MacDonald

Learning Support
Learning Support Administrator
Mrs T P Tredray, BA, ACMA, MBA †

Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Hunt, BA

Visiting LAMDA Speech and Drama Staff
Visiting Drama Staff
Ms J de Jongh, ALCM, Dip GSA
Ms G Meadows, BEd

Cover Staff/Invigilators
Mrs H J Brine-Howe, BA †
Mrs C A Gozalbez-Guerola, BA †
Mrs N A Sanders Watson BA †

Examinations Office
Assistant Head of Examinations
Mrs D Valentine, BA †

† denotes part-time

Junior School and Nursery

Acting Head of the Junior School Mr J Ashcroft, BSc, PGCE (JA)
Acting Deputy Head of the Junior School  Mr C Williams, BA, QTS

Assistant Head:
Mr C Ellis, BA, QTS (Assistant Head Co-curriculum;Head of Years 5 & 6; Resources Leader)
 (Assistant Head Academic)

Head of Nursery Mrs K Moore,BA,QTS (KJM)


Mrs J M Albuery, BEd (PRS Leader)
Mrs A Ayres, BA, PGCE (Writing Leader, Years 1 – 4)
Mr G Brown, FLCM, LLCM (TD), ALCM (Head of Brass)
Mrs J Budgen, BSc, PGCE (Geography Leader, Years 1 – 4)
Mrs S Carlin, BA, PGCE (Reception Leader)
Miss E Carter, BA, QTS (History Leader, Years 1 – 4)
Mr A Chappell, BA, QTS (Director of Sport & Physical Education)
Miss R Connell, BSc, PGCE,
Mrs L Curtis, BA, PGCE, (Director of Drama)
Mr T Cheeseman, BA (Games)
Mrs L Dean, BA, PGCE (Year 6 Leader; English Leader, Years 5 & 6; UJS Librarian)
Mrs J Ellis, BEd, Cert Ed, Certificate in Early Years Education
Mrs R Evans, BA, QTS, (Senior Teacher, Head of Lower Juniors; House Leader, Juniors; PSHE Leader, Juniors)
Mrs V Francis, BA, QTS (Year 1 Leader; Computing Leader, Infants)
Mrs P Giles, BA, PGCE (Geography & History Leader, Years 5 & 6)
Mrs K I Greenslade, BSc (PE and Games)
Mrs J E Ingamells, ARCM (Head of Strings)
Mr J Ingarfield, BA (Games)
Mr M Le-Clercq, (PE & Games)
Mr S Le-Clercq, (Games)
Mrs R Lendrum, BSc, PGCE (Games)
Mrs E Lydall, BA, PGCE (Head of Girls’ Games)
Miss L McCabe, BA QTS,
Mrs N McHugh, BSc, PGCE
Mrs K Martin, BA, GTP (Design Technology Leader, Juniors)
Mrs J L Millward, BEd (Senior Teacher, Head of Infants; Reading Leader, Years 1 – 4; PSHE Leader, Infants)
Mrs F Nash, BEd (Assistant Director of Music)
Mrs J Neilson, BA, MA, PGCE (Year 3 Leader; Able, Gifted & Talented Leader)
Mrs K Park, BA, PGCE
Mrs E Peskett, GGSM, PGDip, RNCM (violin)
Mrs A Porter, BEd, Cert SpLD (Learning Support)
Mrs S Powlesland, BA, PGCE (French Leader, Juniors)
Mrs M Price, BEd
Mrs A Reader, BA, QTS (Year 5 Leader; Maths Leader, Years 5 & 6; SMSCD Leader, Juniors)
Mrs C S Sayers, BEd
Mrs P Sellars, BA, QTS (Year 2 Leader, Maths Leader, Years 1 – 4)
Mrs E G Sharrock, BMus Perf, LRAM (‘cello) (String Scheme)
Mrs V Shoebridge, BA, PGCE (Science Leader, Year 1 – 4)
Mrs P Spodzieja (Crysell), MMus, PGDip
Mrs T Squire, BA, PGCE, SpLD (Learning Support Co-ordinator)
Mrs G Stainton, BSc, PGCE
Mrs L Summerskill, BEd, (Art Leader, Juniors)
Mr S Sykes, BA, QTS, (Year 4 Leader; Digital Learning Leader)
Mrs N R Townsend, BA, QTS Dance and Education (Dance Leader, Juniors)
Mrs S Trinkwon, PGCPP, BL, PGCE,
Mrs S P Tyacke, BEd (House Leader, Infants; Art Leader, Infants)
Mrs S Webb, BA, PGCE (Design Technology & Food & Nutrition Leader, Infants)
Mr I Webber, BA/Ed (Director of Music)
Mrs L Younger, BSc, PGCE (Science Leader, Years 5 & 6)

Assistants in The Junior School
Miss R Adderley
Miss K Berry
Mrs S Buckett
Mrs C-A Elsley
Ms E Gilmore
Mrs K Hinks
Mrs B Holloway
Mrs M Hopkinson
Mrs N Hutton
Mrs C Iliffe
Mrs S Jennings
Miss N Jeram
Mrs M Millerchip
Mrs J Northey
Mrs C Shahran
Mrs L Staley
Ms J Todman

Gap Year Assistants
Miss J Cadwallader
Miss E Goodden

Assistants in the Nursery
Mrs R Cameron
Miss J Colley
Miss C Girling
Mrs W Heyes (Nursery Administrator)
Mrs S Hillier
Mrs S Johnson
Mrs S Newton (Nursery Deputy)
Mrs N Poland
Ms C Porter
Mrs M Sandford (Toddler Group Leader)
Mrs G Skingsley
Mrs M Stone
Ms J Todman
Mrs S Wahid

Visiting Music Staff
Mr R Blanken, GRNCM, ARCM (performance, clarinet and saxophone)
Miss L Cronin, MA (voice)
Mr M Davis, LTCL (trombone)
Mr K Dredge (drumkit)
Miss H Fenton, BA (Hons), PGCE (piano)
Mrs J Flatman, BA Hons, LRSM, PGCE (clarinet and recorder)
Mrs T Foster, (piano)
Mr M Frampton, LLB (double bass)
Canon Peter Gould, GRSM, FRCO, ARAM, LRAM, ARCM, HonMMus, HonFGCM, ARSCM (organ)
Ms C Harding, GTCL, LTCL, ARCM (double bass)
Mrs B Holton, (French horn)
Mr N Ingamells, (bassoon and saxophone)
Miss K Kingsley, GRSM, LRAM (Head of Keyboard Studies)
Mrs R Musgrave, (voice)
Mr I Naylor (trumpet)
Mrs L Peskett, GGSM, PG Dip RNCN (violin)
Mrs A Saunders, BA (Hons) (classical guitar and piano)
Mrs S Towner, ARCM (cello)
Mrs C Wall, MMus, FTCL, FLCM, LRAM (flute)
Ms P M Wilcockson, GGSM, PGCE (piano and flute)

Associate Musicians
London Mozart Players: For more detailed information on the LMP, please see