Times Fees
Pre-care session 0800 – 0830 £3.30
Morning session 0830 – 1130 £19.80
Afternoon session 1230 – 1530 £19.80
Core Day 0830 – 1530 £46.20
Lunch Session 1130 – 1230 £6.60
Mid Afternoon Session 1530 – 1630 £6.60
Teatime Session 1630 – 1730 £6.60
Extended Day 0800 – 1730 £62.70
Hot Lunch   £3.00

*38 weeks term-time 
**A packed tea is required for children staying for teatime session.  Children who are attending for the funded 15 hours can take advantage of the morning session or afternoon sessions only. 

Junior School

School Year

Termly Fee Instalment
(3 terms per year)

Reception – Yr 2 £3,540
Yr 3 and Yr 4 £3,732
Yr 5 and Yr 6 £3,927


Senior School and Sixth Form

School Year Termly Fee Instalment
(3 terms per year)
Yr 7 to Yr 13 £5,517

Fees are displayed in GBP.  The above assumes that you have taken advantage of the termly Direct Debit which attracts a 3% discount.


Payment of School Fees

Termly Direct Debit

The majority of parents take advantage of the Direct Debit Scheme and the school would encourage them to make use of this convenient, efficient and financially beneficial facility.  Payers opting for this scheme qualify for a 3% discount on the basic school fee. 

Monthly  Payments



School Lunches

Each day the Dining Hall offers a wide range of freshly cooked, nutritious meals for the pupils.  There are always vegetarian options available within the choice of hot meals, as well as a fresh salad bar and fruit. For information on how our school lunch payment system works, please click here.