The school archive is a popular resource that helps inspire and equip current pupils to understand and appreciate issues of identity, belonging and shared heritage, and also prompt memories of school-life among many generations of Old Portmuthians.

The archive holds an incomplete collection of pupil records dating back to the 1950s, a large collection of original and copied school photographs, an almost complete collection of the school magazine dating from the Victorian era, and many other historic documents and artefacts that help tell the story of the school and its community.

Unfortunately there are many gaps – admission registers, for example, were lost during the Second World War and there are other gaps in photographic coverage when the school’s records were not as valued as they are today. So if you have any photographs, films, reports, diaries, letters or other material that sheds light on what life was like in your schooldays, they would find a safe and valued place in the archives. Alternatively, the school archivist John Sadden would be happy to copy original material which would be returned swiftly and safely.

Contact John Sadden, email:  telephone: 023 9236 4248

If you are a former pupil or member of staff, why not join the PGS Alumni Facebook group, where an image from the archive is shared daily.