Pupils of 1887

The Old Portmuthian Club was founded in 1855 to facilitate contacts between former pupils of The Portsmouth Grammar School. Today it works closely with the Development Office to fund travel awards for pupils aged 16+ and OPs under the age of 23 who are in full-time education.

The Club Committee comprises of ex-pupils to the school, members of the Development Office and the School Archivist.

All pupils automatically become OPs when they leave the school; there is no joining fee or annual subscription. If you are not currently on the school’s mailing list, simply send your name and contact details to the Development Office.

Message from the new OP Club President


I would like to introduce myself as the new president of the Old Portmuthian Club. I was at PGS in the 1960s, leaving the school to take a law degree but then choosing teaching as my career. I was the head of a number of Portsmouth primary schools retiring five years ago. I now work part time for the University of Winchester.

The OP Club exists to support the school and to complement the outstanding work that is carried out by the Development Office. In the past year we have financed the travel awards (that some of you have benefited from), the sports captains’ boards at Hilsea and memorial plaques at the school and at the WWI Battlefields.

Everyone who has left the school automatically becomes an OP so there are literally thousands of you. There are, however, vacancies on the OP Committee and it would be true to say that many of us are past retirement age, so we do need fresh impetus.

I would therefore be interested in any thoughts, suggestions and indeed offers of support.

I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Pete Sykes

9 March 2018