The Junior School is a happy and dynamic place for children to learn; we like to think of it as a ‘Eureka’ school, where every day our children are challenged to ‘find things out’. There is no greater moment for teachers when children, through their own determination and desire to learn, find out for themselves the answer to a question or a problem; when they start to apply the skills and knowledge they have been taught to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning.

Our Connected Curriculum provides countless opportunities for children to learn and to develop flexible and lifelong learning skills that will enable them to succeed here, in our Senior School, Sixth Form and beyond; there is no better preparation for transition to our Senior School as we really understand what our children need to meet the continuing challenge of their learning journey.

Our motto of ‘happy and successful, in that order’ is at the heart of everything we do, so our pastoral care is tremendously strong and is built around key vales and skills, which are outlined on our Connected Curriculum page. We track carefully the academic and personal development of every child and every child is valued. Our children also learn to value the contribution of others thus creating a collaborative and supportive environment in every classroom.

Our team of inspirational Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Gap Year Assistants, Coaches and support staff, ensure that your children will have the very best educational experience, delivering a rich and broad curriculum and co-curriculum that they love to be to part of.

As a result, our children excel academically and grow into bright, confident, respectful individuals, each contributing and making a positive difference to the positive atmosphere that exists here.

We are proud of our school and all its achievements, but prouder still of our pupils, who make it such an exciting and enjoyable place to work.