As Headmaster I welcome you to the Junior School section of our school website. If you are considering the Junior School for your child then you will more than likely be asking why PGS? What is it that sets PGS apart from local maintained and independent schools and why will it be the best learning environment for my child?

The answer lies in our Connected Curriculum, a unique and bespoke approach to learning and personal development that ensures every child achieves their true potential both academically and personally. Every aspect of our value led provision is planned to promote growth and learning, inspiring children to do and be their very best.

From Nursery through to Year 6 each child is fully engaged in an exciting, fun, challenging and stimulating environment, encouraged to enjoy their learning by a team of professional, inspirational and extremely dedicated staff. In return we ask our children for their enthusiasm, interest and curiosity.

Our Connected Curriculum embraces the all-important link between school and home, ensuring that a collaborative approach exists, one that will enhance further your child’s education. Your role as a supportive and involved parent is something we value greatly and it is a relationship we actively nurture during your time here. Community is important to all of us and we all gain from being part of such a vibrant and supportive Junior School community.

Academic attainment is high at the Junior School and we prepare our children both academically and personally for the transition to our Senior School, a transition that is seamless and one that the vast majority of our children make.

Whatever you child’s interests and passions they will find an outlet here at the Junior School via our comprehensive curricular and co-curricular programmes; details of which you will find on additional pages here on our website. You may also wish to visit our YouTube site to view our many videos, including our termly tv news programme JSTV. But the best way to find out what a truly special school we are is to come and have a look round; I would be delighted to give you a personal tour and spend time answering those all-important questions you are bound to have.

I look forward to meeting you and your child/ren very soon.

Peter Hopkinson, Headmaster