Yr 2 – Southsea Fire Station Visit

Children at the Junior School benefit greatly from an exciting range of trips and visitors, enriching and enhancing their learning beyond the classroom. These special days and events are linked to the children’s learning via the Connected Curriculum, ensuring they have great value and relevance.

Educational Day Trips 

From Southsea fire station to Viviers Fish Market, from the Historic Dockyard to Marwell Zoo, our children visit many local landmarks, places of interest and businesses in order to extend their knowledge and understanding learned in the classroom.

Residential Trips and Off-Site Learning 

Year 5/6 Ski Trip

Always memorable, our programme of residential trips and off-site learning experiences provide the opportunity for the children to learn new skills, try new activities and learn about themselves.  Independence, co-operation and tolerance are all characteristics that are positively developed and of course good times, memories and fun are all part of the package.  The trips include:

– Yr 2, Fairthorne Manor (outdoor activities, one night)
– Yr 3, Ufton Court (history trip, two nights)
– Yr 4, Sailing Week, Portsmouth
– Yr 5, Land and Wave, Swanage (Outdoor activities, four nights)
– Yr 6, France (cultural, five nights)

The above trips are all included in the standard fees.

– Yr 5/6, Sports Tour / Ski Trip (alternate years, five nights)
– Brass Band, European destination (biennial, five nights) 

There is an additional charge for the Sports Tour, Ski Trip and Brass Band Tour.


Year 4 Sailing Week

Throughout the school year many visitors are welcomed into the Junior School to enrich the learning experience across a range of subjects. Theatre groups, poets, authors, history groups, fire fighters, WW II veterans but to name a few, all visit the Junior School to add vibrancy and insight to our curriculum.