In Years 1 and 2 our children develop and apply the skills and knowledge learned in Reception within the Connected Curriculum; a provision that is unique to the School and which combines the very best in teaching and learning. Retaining small class sizes, our children continue to blossom and show enthusiasm and excitement for their learning, benefiting from personalised support and teaching.

The children’s learning is enriched and enhanced by a range of trips and visitors to school, making the most of our local area, history and heritage. In Years 1 and 2 the children are also encouraged to be involved in the co-curricular programme.

Reading and writing skills are further developed, as are those in maths and science, and the children are encouraged to take an active role in their learning by asking questions and having a go.  The application of skills is encouraged more and more and independence is developed as the children become more aware of the need to be organised and to take responsibility for themselves.

Computers, iPads and Interactive Whiteboards are used to develop discrete skills and also to develop an understanding of how technology can be used help solve problems or find out information across subjects.

The Form Teacher continues to be responsible for the children’s  happiness and well-being and for teaching the major part of the curriculum, ensuring that they know the children well and are able to plan their learning accordingly. Specialist teaching is also evident in PE, religious studies  and music and the children benefit from and enjoy the French and cookery programmes.