If our academic excellence is reflective of the brains of our school then Performing Arts is at its heart. For knowledge and skills to be meaningful there must be creativity and our Performing Arts programme aims to provide a creative outlet for our pupils and an opportunity to express their feelings.

Every Junior pupil has two Performing Arts lessons as part of their weekly curriculum. They take part in dance, drama and music sessions, led by inspirational and passionate teachers who have expertise in each of the three disciplines. Lessons take place in either our dance or drama studios or in the music room. As well as being instructed in dance, drama and music, developing discrete skills in each, the children work towards a year group musical, performed in our very own theatre. Each production involves dance, drama and music and every child is involved.

Recent productions have included; Peter Pan (Yr 6), Splash! (Yr 5), Aladdin (Yr 4) and A Night in Spooksville (Yr 3).

This is a very popular and enjoyable aspect of our curriculum in which the children can express themselves and find a creative balance to the academic rigour of the classroom.