A series of insightful and fascinating publications, produced in A5 format, the Monographs cover a wide range of subjects pertinent to the history of Portsmouth Grammar School, Old Portmuthians, and the city. They range from Rudyard Kipling’s childhood experiences in Southsea, to an introduction to the poetry of Christopher Logue and the recently published work on Paul Pond (aka Paul Jones of Manfred Mann fame) and the Portsmouth pop scene of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

These following publications are available in limited numbers, free of charge, from Portsmouth Grammar School.

Monograph 1: Portsmouth in the time of the founder

Monograph 2: The Three Old Portmuthian VCs

Monograph 3: The Portsmouth Grammar School & Aria College

Monograph 4: A Turner for Portsmouth

Monograph 5: Portsmouth: Literary City

Monograph 6: The Hilsea Lines

Monograph 7: A History of Cambridge Barracks

Monograph 8: The Portsmouth Grammar School: A Little Overview

Monograph 9: From Bombay to Southsea. The Two Childhoods of Rudyard Kipling

Monograph 10: Shakespeare and the Sea

Monograph 11: Our Roaring Channels: Turner, Portsmouth and the Sea

Monograph 12: The Lindsay Years

Monograph 13: Walter Hammond: Old Portmuthian.

Monograph 14: Early Days: PGS: c1750-1870, The Penny Street School.

Monograph 15: Do Not Pretend: An Introduction to Christopher Logue.

Monograph 16a: Isambard Kingdom Brunel: “Artist-like-Feeling”: Brunel the Collector.

Monograph 16b: The Secret Life of Jan Needle

Monograph 17: Orders to Cruizers: The Career of the 20 Gun Frigate, HMS Experiment 1740-1763.

Monograph 18: Unitarianism in Portsmouth

Monograph 19: A Tribute to Clifford Benson

Monograph 20: Arthur Conan Doyle and the Lancelyn Green Bequest

Monograph 21: Hilsea; The Winds of Change

Monograph 22: Mike Barnard, Good at Games

Monograph 23: The City of Portsmouth College of Education 1907-1976

Monograph 24: Tales of Pluck and Daring – The Life and Work of Percy F. Westerman

Monograph 25: The One in the Middle – Paul Pond, PGS, Portsmouth and Pop