The range of clubs and societies on offer to the PGS student is vast. We aim to be fully inclusive and to encourage all pupils to take part in activities that both excite and challenge them to achieve their full potential. Whether it’s Astronomy Club, the International Society, Cookery Club, Stock Market Club or the Model United Nations there is plenty of choice available to our pupils.

There are over fifty established co-curricular clubs and activities to choose from, taking place before school, at lunchtime, after school and at weekends. Pupils are encouraged to propose and initiate new clubs if their interest or talent is not represented.

The 2010 ISI Inspection Report concluded: ‘The extensive range of co-curricular activities is outstanding. The choice offers something for everyone, from sport and music to criminal psychology, rocket club or Mandarin.’

Our students tend to agree. In a recent pupil survey about the co-curriculum, we received the following comment from a Year 7 pupil: “I have done things that I wouldn’t have done before. I have learnt new things. I have also made new friends on the way. It makes school more interesting to learn things other than in lessons”

And this from a Year 12 pupil: “Co-curricular activities have been very beneficial for me whenever I was struggling and the extra support was extremely helpful. Co-curricular sport was beneficial because it kept me driven and motivated throughout my first year at PGS as well as bringing me closer to other pupils The enrichment that the co-curriculum provides has enabled me to become the person I am supposed to be.”

The Key Skills that the co-curriculum espouses at PGS are:
• Fun
• Friendship
• Teamwork
• Confidence
• Leadership

We believe that co-curricular activities exist to complement and enhance the academic curriculum and provide students with experiences and opportunities beyond the formal classroom. These activities are an integral and essential part of the all-round holistic education offered by the school and we recognise that individuals flourish in a supportive environment where all their abilities and talents are acknowledged and supported.