The school has a longstanding and much-loved House system which filters down all the way from Sixth Form to Junior School.

From Year 3 all pupils are placed into one of four Houses when they arrive at the school and these are based on the four colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, but given a special PGS twist by giving them the names of important people associated with the school from the past.

In the Junior School, the Houses are Hudson, Nicol, Jerrard and Privett.

In the Middle School, the Houses are Barton, Eastwood, Hawkey and Summers.

In the Senior School, the Houses are Grant, Latter, Smith and Whitcombe.

The Houses break the school down in to smaller communities within the school providing a pastoral centre and a friendly base for pupils within the school.  They also ease the transition through the school as you remain in the same colour House throughout your time at PGS.

Pupils feel a huge sense of pride in their House which, in turn, provides them with their Tutor, a place to spend time with their friends and the opportunity to represent their House in numerous competitions. These range from sport, music, drama and even academic work.  This healthy yet friendly rivalry helps give the school a unique flavour and provides a sense of belonging and fellowship for our pupils.