We have had the pleasure of planning and undertaking a number of Overseas Expeditions over the years; most recently a three week expedition to Madagascar and a four week expedition in India and the Himalaya.

In planning any overseas expedition we have six key objectives in mind:

To take our pupils on an amazing adventure, to visit a place and experience things that they would be unlikely to do any other way and to inspire them to plan their own adventures in the future.

To stretch them and push them outside of their comfort zone.

To travel through really remote and tough landscapes, away from any civilisation, for multiple days.

To experience a developing country, different religions and cultures and to appreciate that many people’s daily life is so different to our own.

To understand some of the issues regarding the environment, biodiversity and habitat issues in the country.  All aspects of the expeditions take into account the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the principals of Responsible Tourism.

And finally of course, to see at first hand the amazing beauty of the country, learn more about themselves and their fellow travellers.