We believe that exposure to The Arts is essential if we are to provide a rounded education for our pupils. That’s why you’ll find that Art, Music and Drama play a vibrant part of school life at PGS. Whether pupils decide to follow these as examination subjects or as co-curricular activities, our aim is to extend their opportunities and experiences and help them to find ways of expressing themselves in a creative way.

We seek to encourage our pupils to have a wider understanding of the world in which they live. Nurturing self-awareness and having an understanding of others is crucial to this aim and we aspire to give our pupils every possible opportunity through The Arts. In addition to our own talented and enthusiastic teaching staff, we look for every opportunity to bring creative professionals into the school to work with our pupils, including sculptors, actors, designers, directors, musicians and performers.

Involvement in The Arts at PGS not only adds to young people’s enjoyment of school but can help them develop friendships, personal skills and a cultural appreciation that will enrich their adult lives.

Jenny in Year 12 says: “I have been sculpted into a more rounded and professional human being. I feel much more at peace with my inner self and feel that The Arts at PGS has made me into the person I am today”

And Max in Year 8: “Being involved in The Arts at PGS has given me opportunities to meet new people, to make friends and to improve my confidence”