The Art and Design Department endeavours to inspire curiosity, creativity and confidence in all pupils. We provide pupils with opportunities to experience a wide and exciting range of materials and techniques including: drawing, painting, printmaking, digital image manipulation, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics and installation.

We highly value the connections pupils make between their own work and that of other artists and designers, both traditional and contemporary. Trips to local and national galleries, such as Pallant House, Goodwood Sculpture Park and Tate Modern, are offered to provide pupils with first-hand experience of contextual sources and provide stimulus on return to the classroom.

The Art and Design Department has run a successful Artist Residency Programme for a number of years now. In the Autumn and Spring terms, pupils are given the opportunity to work alongside local artists on innovative projects and gain an insight into the creative processes involved in professional artistic practice.

The Art and Design Department is keen to celebrate the achievements of pupils and holds a number of exhibitions throughout the academic year, both on and off site. The annual Summer Art Show provides the opportunity to showcase work from all year groups and in previous years this has been held at The Kennels in Goodwood, The Square Tower and HMS Warrior 1860.

Above all, we strive to ignite pupils’ interest in Art and Design on a personal level and promote active engagement with our ever-increasing visual world.