The Sixth Form is a transformational two years of education where you can specialise in the subjects of your choosing, learn to study more independently and when you start to look towards the future. At PGS we encourage our pupils to think further than where they will be at 18 years old, but where they aspire to be at 25.

Academic Enrichment Curriculum: Deepening Thinking and Extending Learning

Our academic enrichment programme has been designed to allow you to become a deep-thinker, critical enquirer and intellectual risk-taker, who will excel in higher education. The programme will assist you in securing places at the most competitive universities in this country or abroad and reach the future you aspire to. PGS is dedicated to providing you with a dynamic and future-proof approach to academic enrichment that will give you the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become innovators, leaders and stewards of the next generation.

Personal Enrichment Curriculum: Educating the Whole Person

As a school we look towards life at 25, and we want to prepare you to have an enriching and productive career, and to lead a fulfilled, purposeful life when you leave us. We value this so highly that we have decided to dedicate specific timetabled space within the week to doing this. Our Personal Enrichment Curriculum is about offering you the resources, the opportunities and the coaching to develop as a whole person. We want you to go beyond the subjects that make up your curriculum and to extend your thinking. To develop your personal qualities, your personal perspective and ideas. To build your confidence and your ability to take control of your life, and above all your understanding of what you enjoy and what offers you fulfilment as an individual. The Enrichment Curriculum is about your personal development, and we believe that the opportunities we offer are exciting, rewarding and hugely enjoyable. Above all, they will provide you with an inspiring and enabling platform for the future.


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