There are five core elements to the PGS Sixth Form experience.

• Your Principal Academic Subjects.
You can choose either three or four A Level subjects, to study in depth.

• Academic Enrichment Curriculum.
This is about offering you academic breadth beyond your core subjects, as well as enabling you to drill down deeper into the topics you really love. The thinking skills you learn will enrich your work in all your subjects, and the research skills you learn will set you up for study beyond school.

• Personal Enrichment Curriculum.
This is about educating you as a whole person. It involves developing your skills of leadership, your understanding of yourself and the world around you, and bringing you into purposeful contact with our wider communities. This is a pioneering part of our curriculum offer, and we believe it is a very special part of what PGS can offer the future you.

• Beyond The Classroom.
Our co-curriculum – the clubs, activities, societies and trips that take place in lunchtimes, after school, at the weekend and in the holidays – are a hugely important part of developing your skills, of bringing balance and variety to your week, and above all, allowing you to pursue the activities you love. There is an astonishing array of activities to choose from.

• Tailored Support.
We set great store by caring for our pupils, and offering the support you need at every step of the way. We want you to be independent and resourceful; at the same time we realise that navigating your way through higher education pathways requires considerable investment of time and expertise. We are always here to help.


International Baccalaureate
At PGS we are committed to providing broad, challenging and internationally-minded educational opportunities for all our pupils. We constantly review what we offer our pupils across the school to ensure that it meets their needs.  As part of this process we have decided that PGS will no longer offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) to pupils entering the Sixth Form. We are proud of all those pupils who have so successfully completed their IB Diploma at PGS, and this decision reflects the low proportion of our pupils opting for the course within the Sixth Form. 

From 2020, PGS will be offering a new, broader Sixth Form curriculum, which places strong emphasis on academic challenge and enrichment. As detailed further in our Sixth Form prospectus, above, our 2020 Sixth Form A Level curriculum will offer all pupils the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which may be essay-based, creative or practical. They will have access to a wide range of taught academic enrichment courses, to extend their learning beyond their core subjects, through our Ignite! programme. They may choose from a broad range of community partnership projects and workplace experience; they will receive coaching in study skills and critical thinking skills; and they may participate in enriched opportunities for leadership development. We are also extending the Pastoral Curriculum, which is currently taught in Years 7-11, into the Sixth Form, to support pupils as they move towards the world beyond PGS. Likewise, the assistance we offer pupils in preparing for applying to universities, to other higher education pathways such as apprenticeships, and to their chosen career, remains a key priority. Throughout the school as a whole, we are committed to the development of the individual and to nurturing the core skills and qualities that will enable our pupils to flourish in school and in the world beyond: the PGS Core.