The Careers and Universities team at The Portsmouth Grammar School provides a comprehensive careers and universities programme that takes pupils from Careers Skills Day in Year 7 to UCAS applications, or alternative pathways,  in Year 13. See below for a term-by-term summary of key Careers and Universities events.  Click here to view our Careers and Universities events Year Group by Year Group (from 7 to 13).

Winter Term

Year 10: Introduction to Universities (Pastoral Curriculum)
Year 11: Careers and Universities pathways/planning work experience
Years 10-13: PGS Careers Convention
Years 10-13: Networking Lunches
Year 12: COA Centigrade Assessment
Year 12: CVs and Interviews (PGS+)
Year 13: University applications (UCAS) and Senior Teacher Application Reviews
Year 13: Practice interviews (university) and Oxbridge interview seminar

Spring Term

Year 8: Introduction to Careers (Pastoral Curriculum)
Year 10: CV Writing (Pastoral Curriculum)
Year 10: Visit to HE Fair
Years 10-13: Networking Lunches
Years 11-13: PGS Universities Fair
Year 12: Oxbridge Afternoon
Year 12: CVs and Interviews (PGS+)
Year 12: Begin meeting with university subject advisers

Summer Term

Year 7: Careers Skills Day
Year 8: Careers Day
Year 9: Exploring Careers (Pastoral Curriculum)
Year 10: COA Preview & Profile
Year 10: Visit to University of Oxford
Years 10-13: Networking Lunches
Years 10-13: Careers Seminars
Year 11: Undertaking work experience
Year 12: CVs and Interviews (PGS+)
Year 12: Practice interviews
Year 12: UCAS Day
Year 12: Weekly meeting with university subject advisers


University Application Support

The process of applying to university can seem quite daunting at first but the advice and information supplied at PGS is designed to set you on the right path and to help you achieve your higher education aspirations.

The second term of Year 12 is when thoughts of university and gap years need to begin to form themselves into something a little bit more coherent.  There are hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses – investigation ought to begin as soon as possible!

A guide to the process is published each year, available to all Year 12s, that provides a step-by-step to the process.  In addition, an evening each year is devoted to discussion and presentations on the process.  Please click here for the 2015-2016 PGS UCAS Guide to Application.

Alongside the wealth of university and careers advice offered to our Sixth Formers are a number of opportunities to access various travel awards to support and enhance a gap year and other travel experiences.  For further information please click here.

For up-to-date information on the UCAS application process and the latest from UCAS, bookmark this link:

UCAS is also on Facebook – get the link here: